About Us

Founded in 2010 by a group of caring members of the local community whose sole aim is to help those people of all ages (the youngest being under 10 & the oldest over 90) who are finding it difficult to manage, hence HAH... HELP AT HOME.

Maybe, you or a loved one have recently been discharged from hospital or are under medical supervision.  
Perhaps you have had a fall/operation and need a bit of help, or you are a full time carer needing a break either at home or in hospital.  We may not always have the solution, but we will do our utmost to assist you. We should not be considered a full time or long term care service and our help is provided following an assessment and depends on many factors including the clients needs and the resources available. Cases are regularly reviewed and reassessed as necessary.


We cover an approximate 15k radius of

Los Alcazares, although our desire is to be able

to help those in need in the Mar Menor area. 

Our services are FREE OF CHARGE, so if you are struggling to cope, please give us a call, we may be able to help.

We have people with caring qualifications, fun fundraisers, translators, but of course we are looking for more special people who are prepared to commit a few hours to help us grow. We have regular group ‘get-togethers’ to plan our activities, and democracy and communication will be a key element throughout.  Why not join us?

Have you got any medical/carer qualifications, could you help raise some funds, thereby helping us to extend our services, or a few hours to spare and a shoulder to lean on?  Unfortunately, none of us are getting any younger or fitter, and most of us may need help at some time, Can you offer some help, time or experience?  We are always looking for volunteers to assist. No regular commitment is required, assist when you can.


HAH is a local charity offering a little extra help to those in temporary need.  Perhaps following illness, or a stay in hospital, you may need some help in your own home. Perhaps you are unable to shop. We also loan out mobility equipment and we make no charge for any of the help we provide. Instead we rely entirely on the donations we receive and from our own fund raising efforts.


Donated items are always

welcome to help us help others.

Volunteers to assist with this help

are also both needed and welcome.

Even if you only have an hour or so

to help, regularly or even

occasionally, you will be made very

welcome. Why not come along to

Las Claras on the first Tuesday

morning of each month, meet the

Team, and find  out more for